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Honeymoon Compatibility Checklist (Contd...)

9. Which would be more fun on your honeymoon?

    [ ] I would like to go shopping on my honeymoon.
    [ ] I would hate to go shopping on my honeymoon.
10. Does company (kids, friends, parents, pets, officers of the law, etc.) belong on a honeymoon? Would it be fun for you to include them?
    [ ] It's okay with me.
    [ ] It's not okay.
11. Most of the time on our honeymoon, we'll be eating food from:
    [ ] Diners and fast-food franchises.
    [ ] Supermarkets: We'll make stuff ourselves.
    [ ] Inexpensive local restaurants.
    [ ] Our hotel. I want a honeymoon where food is included in the price.
    [ ] Fine local restaurants.
    [ ] Hotel restaurant/room service.
12. At night during my honeymoon, for fun I expect to:
    [ ] Go out dancing.
    [ ] Listen to live music.
    [ ] Experience the local culture.
    [ ] See movies.
    [ ] Are you kidding? It's my honeymoon!
Now, compare answers. If it turns out that you have more than half in common, you're already honeymoon compatible — and the rest is just a matter of working out the details. If not, let the compromises begin.

Even if it turns out that you have to give up some things you'd hoped to do on your honeymoon, keep the trip in perspective. It's important to remember that regardless of where you spend your honeymoon, it's bound to be fun with the one you love.

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