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ShaadiSpice online magazine is offering writing opportunities with the online magazine throughout the United States and the world. We nationally syndicate articles submitted to us and your published articles will appear in all major Internet search engines as well as in many major news aggregators, such as Google News, Topix, Lycos, and other news aggregators. Contact us at and let us know you want to regularly publish your work with us.

These are unpaid, yet rewarding opportunities. Writers may regularly submit their work on a variety of subjects to gain exposure for themselves as experts in their fields or to refer employers to professionally published examples of their writing to obtain positions as full-time, freelance, or syndicated columnists. Writers can show off the best examples of their writing to employers, families, or friends. In addition, authors can write about almost anything, including hobbies, opinion, wedding, fashion, food, health, relationship, beauty, travel, or entertainment.

Authors not only gain exposure for their writing, but receive added benefits as well, such as being listed as a writer on our online international magazine. Articles are easy-to-post and may include the author's byline, biography, and photograph. Authors retain the copyright of their work and may publish the identical article elsewhere if desired. We have steadily increased our readership.
Write Full-Length Feature/Opinion Articles

Use your experience writing for us to:
  • Gain exposure and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Refer employers to professionally published examples of your writing to obtain a position as a full-time, freelance, or syndicated columnist.

  • Show-off the best examples of your writing to employers, family, and friends.

  • Write about almost anything, including hobbies, opinion, wedding, fashion, food, health, relationship, beauty, travel, or entertainment.

  • You can write for us as a contributing author.

  • You'll be listed as one of our writers.

  • You'll also be assigned an individual author page that marquees your name above your articles.

  • Your easy-to-post articles will include your own by-line, biography, and photograph if you wish.

  • You retain the copyright for your articles and you may publish your articles with anyone else if you wish.

  • Your articles will be accompanied by a bio-box that can include a link to your website (if you have one) and email address for feedback about your articles.

  • You can write articles that include links to your favorite websites or refer readers to specified websites for further information.

  • Readers can sign-up to be on your mailing list to receive your updates. Or, you can sign-up readers yourself.

  • We provide you with your own private email manager, which you can maintain however you please. For example, you can use this facility to send personalized email to subscribers to point them to your articles.

  • Readers can list, select, and view other articles written by you.

  • You can add your own keywords and categories to your articles to facilitate searching on our sites.

  • No defamatory, obscene, or malicious material may be submitted. Nor may any material submitted include hate speech , vitriol , or links to obscene and pornographic sites, or sites with information you know, or have reason to know, is false or defamatory information.
    Contact us at mailto: and let us know you want to be a regular contributor. Please include a sample of your work copied-and-pasted in your email. Or, point us to a link on the Internet with a sample of your work. These are non-paying, but rewarding positions.
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