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Top 10 Honeymoon Travel Trends

As each new generation weds and enters the honeymoon market, they bring their own taste and desires to travel. Destinations, resorts, and activities that thrilled parents or grandparents on their honeymoon may be less appealing, or not as attainable. Thankfully, new trends emerge, offering couples fresh opportunities for fun and relaxation. So before you plan your honeymoon, check out the latest ways to celebrate one.

1. Honeymooning in non-European Union Countries

According to a recent survey, vacation travel to Europe is down 20 percent. There's one big reason: the expense. Although many brides and grooms fantasize about a romantic European honeymoon, the unfavorable dollar-to-Euro exchange rate has made all but the most budget-conscious European stays unaffordable.

Fortunately, most countries in the world do not belong to the European Union. Appealing alternatives where couples can explore Old World cultures and get more for their money include Eastern Europe and South America.

2. Choosing Cruising 'Cause It's Cost-Effective

Still determined to see the great cities of Europe? Don't despair: Major cruise lines that operate in the United States set their prices based on the U.S. dollar. That means you can sail into glamorous ports such as Venice, Monte Carlo, and Barcelona to spend the day and see the sights without going broke. Around dinner time, get back on the ship, where your meal is pre-paid. Smart!

3. Planning a Green Honeymoon

Eco-conscious couples feel good about choosing a honeymoon that helps the planet rather than adds to its pollution and other environmental problems. So one of this year's major trends -- and undoubtedly a trend for years to come -- is planning a green vacation where small changes in honeymoon travel plans can make a big difference.

4. Visiting Mexico -- But Not the Usual Spots

Eschewing Cancun and Acapulco in favor of newer and less heavily touristed areas, the trend among today's sophisticated honeymoon couples is to seek out more seductive destinations such as Riviera Maya. And charming smaller lodgings, such as members of the Mexico Boutique Hotels group, many of which are located inland and close to historic and archeological treasures, also are winning converts.

5. Swimming in a Private Plunge Pool

Why swim in a pool with strangers or -- shudder -- diapered babies -- when you can have a pool all to yourself? More and more upscale hotels that cater to honeymoon couples and other romantics are offering suites with a private plunge pool where you can frolic in privacy and sans suits. An alternative: hotels, such as Acqualina in Miami, Florida, which feature adults-only swimming pools.

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