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Four Body Types: How to Dress

Every female's body is unique, but our overall body shape typically fits into one of the following four categories: apple, pear, plus-size, and boyish.

If You Are Apple Shaped:
* Don't wear empire-waist tops.
* Wear blouses that fit at the bust, but are not too clingy. Menswear is trendy this season and will give you the fit you desire. "The delicate balance of masculine and feminine touches also looks great with suits," writes Suze Yalof Schwartz, of Glamour magazine.
* Pay attention to the collars of tops — your best bets are v-neck, boat, and collared. "Attention to detail around the neck area elongates the neck," adds Yalof Schwartz.
* Match your upper half with pants that are either normal or wide-leg to create the perfect proportion.
* Wrap tops and dresses are ideal for your body type — thank goodness for the crossover effect.
* Invest in a long coat as the weather begins to get a little chilly.
* Choose long-lapelled jackets.
* Wear darker colors on the bottom, and play with brighter and lighter colors on top.
* Don't wear turtlenecks as they make large busts appear larger.
* Higher waistlines will pull in any excess weight.
* Pair any great outfit with a complimentary pair of shoes, whether they are wedges, flats or chunky heels.

If You Are Pear Shaped:
* Wear fitted tops — knits are a great option — to emphasize the smallest part of your body. "Wearing something black and slimming (on top) makes you look small all over," says Yalof Schwartz.
* Pair tops with low-rise pants to balance out your complete fall look.
* Beware of trousers with side pockets, which just bring more attention to your hip area.
* Dress in A-line skirts and dresses that rest around the knee.
* Don’t wear anything too clingy on your lower half.
* Wear darker bottoms and play with prints, colors, and patterns on the top.
* Wear lower and wider necklines to bring draw attention upward.
* Invest in a great pair of bootcut or wide leg pants.
* Emphasize your fit upper body with sleeveless tops and tees.
* Don't laugh, but shoulder pads are ideal to create an hourglass shape. Buy jackets with built-in shoulder pads, or have a tailor sew them in.
* Wear handbags above the hip.

If You Are Plus-Size:
Most plus-size women are hourglass, apple or pear shaped. However, here are some great tips that work for women of every size:
*Don't wear oversized clothing, as it will make you larger. The stylish trapeze dresses this fall are not the best option for your body type.
* Bring attention to your waist by cinching it at the smallest part with a great scarf or low-slung leather belt.
* Play with patterns and color, including metallics, but remember to match the size of the patterns to the body size and the chosen color to your complexion.
*Vertical stripes are truly a woman's best friend.
*Dress in this season's hottest cardigans, whether one button or three buttons.
*Layer your tops to give the illusion of a smaller frame.
*Purchase blouses with neckline detail.
* Monotone outfits in rich fall colors can be just as effective as wearing all black to create a slimming look.
* Try shopping online to find more options for fuller-figured women.
*Invest in proper undergarments and body shapers, if you feel necessary.
* Pair any outfit with a thin high-heeled shoe.
* Wear clothes with a little bit of stretch.
* Choose wide-leg pants with a long hem that cover all but the front of your shoe.

If You Have a Boyish Figure:
* Bring attention to your natural curves.
* Steer clear of cropped clothing and go for clothing that will elongate you.
* Pick items that are voluminous, including trapeze dresses and baby doll blouses.
* Dress with ruffles, ruching and detailing around the bust.
* Wear skirts because girl you've got the body for them - pencil skirts are our favorite for this season.
* You want to make your waist defined to trick the eye into thinking you are curvier than you might be.
* You can go crazy with patterns and textures, so wear the popular tweed and plaid this fall.
* Dress in color.
* Try spaghetti straps to bring attention to your neck and shoulders.
* Purchase straighter leg/classic shaped jeans and trousers.
* Make friends with the v-neck collar, as it is the universal collar for all body types.
* Show a little skin.

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