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Beauty Care During Travels - Makeup Travel Bag

It is easier to look after ourselves when we are at home than when we are traveling. In our home we have a set routine and we can attend to our daily makeup and other personal duties with an continuous regularity. But one cannot be always stationary. We may not be regular travelers, but even then, we have to travel occasionally - may be on duty or for a visit to a relative or just for a pleasure trip. The routine changes and so do environment, food and climate. These changes effect the skin and looks. A beauty conscious woman needs to be alert. She should not be inactive in the maintenance of her beauty.

Makeup Travel Bag

While traveling, proper bathing facilities are not available and one has to adjust with some make-do arrangements. Likewise, cosmetics of your choice may not be available. It is, therefore necessary to pack the required items in your makeup travel bag before leaving home. You cannot carry all your cosmetics. Make a choice. Keep the non-liquid items in a plastic bag or box. Close the lid well of liquid cosmetics items. Pack all the things well in your vanity bag. Do not forget to carry with you your brand of talcum powder and soap. Likewise, pack your hair-oil, comb and hair brush. Your traveling companions are - a small pair of scissors, nail-cutter, filer and scrubber. Regular bathing is a must while traveling. The most worked and worn out parts of our body during travels are our feet. Attend to them well and keep them clean. Massage the soles of your feet with oil. It relieves tiredness. Keep your finger and toe nails clean and well-trimmed. Use deep-cleansing milk or face cleansers every night before retiring. Apply hand lotion on hands and the exposed parts of your body.If you are expecting to be out in the sun next day, better use a lacto-calamine lotion on your face.

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