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London Sightseeing: Top Things to Do

The British Airways London Eye-- built for the year 2000 millenium-- soon became an important landmark and no wonder, with its striking visual appearance on the banks of the Thames.

Taking a flight on the giant wheel offers a rare chance to get a birds-eye view in London, a city not known for skyscrapers. (The Eye is the 6th highest structure in town.)

The British Museum is one of the world's greats, and even if your kids rush through in a superficial manner, they will at least have seen the Rosetta Stone, and Egyptian mummies, and Greek statues-- all of which will make them feel proud and special back home in Socials class.

And the price is again that beautiful four-letter word: Free.

Try to explore the British Museum website before you visit: it has a nifty section for kids called Children's Compass, parts of which make a good introduction to the museum (and could help with homework projects too.)

London's sprawling Science Museum is kid-friendly all over, but children will especially love the huge interactive Launch Pad area, a small part of which is shown above.

The "Hands-on" concept here screeches to a whole new level: kids have a blast; and grandparents should bring ear-plugs.

You can tour many Science Museum exhibits online, find out what's playing at the IMAX theatres, and check out visitor information....

Speaking of which: the price for entrance is the same for adults and kids: it's FREE! As are several other of London's top museums, including the Natural History Museum, just around the corner from the Science Museum.

And that money you saved on admission-- don't be surprised if your kids suggest you spend it in the gift shop, which is giant and full of neat science-related stuff.

The Tower of London -- which isn't one tower at all, but acres of towers, ramparts, and a Green with resident ravens-- is a must-see attraction on the Thames. Beheaded Queens, imprisoned princes, famous prisoners such as Guy Fawkes: history would be thick here even without the presence of the Crown Jewels and the Beefeaters.

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