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Hair Tips


Try to avoid daily washing. The sebaceous glands are overstimulated, secreting more grease onto the hair. This creates a vicious circle where the more you wash is the greasier it becomes.

Another problem with regular washing is that although the roots are greasy the rest of your hair is stripped of oil and the ends become dry and brittle. Use a mild ph-balanced shampoo and wash hair without rubbing the scalp too much. Only apply conditioner to the mid and ends rather than at the roots.

Watch your diet. Oily and fatty foods can contribute to greasy skin and scalp. Best of all is to use those days when you're at home to give your hair a rest from daily washing. Try using a children's shampoo as these are often mild enough for greasy hair.


Dry, coarse and brittle hair needs to be nourished from within; a conditioner that just rinses out won't do the job. Use an intensive moisturising shampoo which will cleanse without excessive rubbing (which will damage the hair more) and follow with a hot oil conditioner. Heat opens up the hair cuticles allowing the moisturiser to penetrate the hair shaft giving it suppleness, bounce and movement. Mousse on dry hair will make it look dull, use a blow drying or thickening lotion instead.


Keep your hair well conditioned with a rich moisturising product. The hairstyle is also important. If your hair is very frizzy you don't want too many layers. Have a few longish ones that will allow your hair to flow. Always use a diffuser when blowdrying which will help control the frizz but will not remove all the body.


If you only have a little grey a semi-permanent colour wash (stays for six to eight washes) will cover it. For more than 30 per cent grey then a quasi colour covers grey whilst keeping a natural look. When you go grey in patches, a permanent tint or a foil and tone technique - where highlights are woven around the top and crown and a semi-permanent colour is put through the rest of the hair - is the only way to cover up. This creates warmth and depth throughout the hair.


The more of your hair you colour the more noticeable the regrowth will be, particularly when going blonder, and the more colour you apply the greater the damage. For that blonde look a few carefully chosen highlights, focusing the lighter ones around the face will give a natural look without obvious regrowth. When colouring light hair remember dye will always come out darker than shown on the box so if, for example, you want dark brown hair choose a mid-brown colour

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